About us

Welcome to Grand-Screen, your premier destination for a vast array of Android applications. We pride ourselves as the leading alternative platform, offering users the convenience to download apps for their Android devices. Grand-Screen serves as a multi-platform app store, specializing in Android applications.

Our Mission

At Grand-Screen, our mission is to provide free and open access to an extensive catalog of applications. We are dedicated to offering a legal and user-friendly platform for app distribution, accessible from any browser and through our official native app. We aspire to contribute to a more open and inclusive mobile app industry.

Key Features

  • Extensive Catalog: Explore a diverse range of applications in our vast catalog.
  • Legal Distribution: Download apps with confidence, knowing you are using a legal and secure platform.
  • Multi-Language Support: Grand-Screen is available in 22 languages, ensuring a global reach.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Access our platform from any web browser for a seamless experience.

Choose Grand-Screen

Every month, over a million users choose Grand-Screen to download apps from our curated catalog. Whether you prefer browsing from a web browser or using our official app, we provide a legal and secure platform for software distribution.

Services We Offer

  • Advertising: Explore advertising opportunities to promote your brand or app.
  • App Promotion: Benefit from our services to promote apps for companies and independent developers.

Thank you for choosing Grand-Screen, where we are committed to shaping the future of mobile app distribution. Embrace the freedom to explore and download with us!