Cut the Rope
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Cut the Rope

Small green and very cute "something" with the name Am Yum will live in your Android device, if you download the game Cut the Rope, remember the school course of physics, and try to feed him with candy.

The fact that move this creature can not move on its own, so candy that hangs on the ropes need to cut so that they fall directly into his mouth. With each level, when passing the game, there are all sorts of additional "gadgets" - soap bubbles, air pillows, spikes, etc., which will complicate the process of feeding.

Of course, there are all sorts of "goodies" in the form of stars, collecting which you will open access to new adventures cute Am Nyam.


  • Free online game
  • Modernized mechanics
  • Great graphics with a cool character
  • Two hundred interesting levels
  • Short cartoons about the hero.
Developer ZeptoLab
Genre Puzzles
Size 24M
Update Date February 7, 2013.
Number of Installations 10 000 000 - 50 000 000
Version 2.2
Number of Votes (Play Market) 81 816
Rating (Play Market) 4,6
Author: Isaac Abramov

“fascinating puzzle”

Cons: Slightly delayed loading

Pros: Constant updates. Several different story parts, Experiments included. Exciting gameplay. The game is hacked, so purchases are free.

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