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Predators - survive in a world of predators

They're impossible to defeat. But for you, nothing is impossible: predators rule here, and you are one of them....
Games based on the popular sci-fi franchise about Alien and Predator can now be downloaded, and with pleasure play online.
Leave no one alive, collect earned trophies and discover brand new technologies! Become invisible with the generator, and engage in hand-to-hand combat under the cover of a thermal imager!
  • Twenty-four levels.
  • Nine types of enemies: soldiers, black snipers, mercenaries, etc....
  • Convenient control, with maximum precision coordinating actions.
  • Increased stability of the application.
  • Other.
Developer Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Genre Arcade and Action
Size 83M
Update Date March 1, 2013.
Number of Installations 100 000 - 500 000
Version 1.4.8
Number of Votes (Play Market) 2 462
Rating (Play Market) 3,8
Author: Isaac Abramov

“predator game”

Cons: The game has rivers of blood, so it is probably not worth recommending predators install on android to children with an unstable psyche

Pros: Great picture, realistic fights and physics, pr

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