Smurfs Village (mod - lots of money)
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Smurfs Village (mod - lots of money) - arrange their lives.

Smurfs Village on Android is a fun strategy game positioned as a game for girls. The toy duplicates the cartoon of the same name and a series of comics. The action unfolds in a small settlement, headed by Papa Smurf (little blue man).

The task facing the player is to establish the life of the whole village, which has yet to be developed from a single house. Here you can grow crops, run a household, or plant a lovely garden. The game drags on quickly enough, not allowing you to leave your own smurfs unattended. After all, without constant supervision they can get bored ...

Mod game Smurfs Village has such features:

  • Development of nearby territories and expansion of their own lands.
  • Fulfillment of constantly updated tasks. It is not necessary to spend all your free time in the game, it is enough to know when the completion of a certain task.
  • Cartoon graphics and cheerful music.
  • Mini games and visiting friendly settlements.
Developer Beeline Interactive, Inc.
Genre Other
Size 151M
Update Date January 14, 2015.
Price It's free
Number of Installations 10 000 000-50 000 000
Version SmurfsAndroid
Number of Votes (Play Market) 692 982
Rating (Play Market) 4,5
Author: Isaac Abramov

Cons: No Russian language version. Internet access is required, when starting for the first time or to visit friends.

Pros: Interesting plot, fun tasks, marvelous graphics.

Review: Smurf Village is a real-time strategy game that should appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

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