Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue
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Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue - hitting zombies

Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue on Android is a strategy game with an original plot, in which you will control a character trying to stop the evil zombies.

Finding yourself in an apocalyptic world, you will fight zombies that attack the main character, move through confusing mazes and overcome a lot of traps. If you want, you can choose the difficulty level of the game and enjoy it.

Zombie Maze: Puppy rescue on Android contains a lot of opportunities for everyone:

  • About 48 original levels with puzzles and mazes to pass.
  • The ability to choose the level of difficulty while fighting zombies and other critters.
  • A lot of zombie leaders in the apocalyptic world, which must be destroyed by the surviving character.
  • A lot of dangerous traps and obstacles encountered on the way in mazes and other places.
Developer BulkyPix
Genre Adventures
Size 38M
Update Date March 23, 2016.
Age Restrictions 7+
Price It's free
Number of Installations 1 000-5 000
Version 1.005
Author: Isaac Abramov

“little zombies”

Cons: Sometimes it's hard to know how to act in a particular situation.

Pros: Wonderful pixel graphics and original music, tons of levels and simple navigation, lots of zombies and traps on the way.

Review: Controlling your hero, you will enjoy cool graphics and have fun destroying dangerous zombies with weapons.

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