For boys

Download Android games for boys - all that they love so much, in one section

Android games for boys - a variety of virtual toys that boys love so much. In this section of the portal you can find developments for the youngest representatives of the strong half of society and for older children. Thanks to modern games every boy will be able to be in the role of the explorer of the planet and discoverer, become a defender of humanity and master all sorts of technical innovations.

Almost all games for boys on Android have these characteristics:

  • The ability to perform statistical research.
  • Development of logical thinking and spatial imagination of teenagers.
  • Development of the ability to analyze the situation and calculate moves ahead.
  • Presence of cognitive elements from different school sciences.
  • Colorful graphics and characters.
  • Fun story and sound accompaniment.
  • A lot of levels with different tasks.

Varieties of games

Modern boys in the presence of a phone or tablet can download for free the following types of games for Android:

  • Simulators - development for superheroes and daredevils, who are waiting for amazing adventures, interesting life of a character-fighter against evil. In these games you can put order in large and small cities, systematize the life of society and reveal your abilities.
  • Racing - amazing journeys on the original tracks will undoubtedly attract the attention of boys. A lot of different games with cartoon, toy and drawn cars, the opportunity to overcome many obstacles on the tracks that prepared you developers - not the only advantages of racing.
  • Auto workshops and washes are created for young masters who decided to dig into the motors, parts, take care of their own cars.
  • Lego toys - a chance to build entire cities, create your own cartoon world of colorful elements of the constructor.
  • Shooters are amazing battles with monsters, other virtual opponents. They need to be stopped in order to preserve peace and the lives of fellow citizens.

Also kids and older guys can play games of the genre as shooters and horror, action and strategy, characterized by a lively plot and colorful graphics. In this section of the portal Grand-screen can download games on Android for boys to be able to enjoy virtual reality and distract from their worries.