Bubble Break
Android, City Games LLC · Arcades, Logical

Bubble Break

Bubble Break - magic balls and long hours of addictive gameplay.

Many people think that the main thing in mobile games is their simplicity. And this is a very interesting thought, because smartphones are mainly designed for such things. Desktop devices, in turn, are preferable as a platform for serious games. Of course, not everything is so simple, but the basic hypothesis is that it is the mobile platform that should be the basis for simple logic games.
A great example of a simple and exciting game is Bubble Break. Here everything is very simple, we need to find the same balls and try to destroy them. However, not everything is so simple, you should show reaction, which will help to cope with the difficulties that are presented in the game Bubble Break (Bubble Break).
Developer City Games LLC
Genre Races
Size 891k
Update Date October 17, 2012.
Number of Installations 5 000 000 - 10 000 000
Version 2.0
Rating (Play Market) 4,4
Author: Isaac Abramov

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