Where\'s Perry
Android, Disney · Arcades, Logical

Where\'s Perry - help Perry get out

Well, now you are a spy named PI. In fact, you are a platypus Perry with a good knowledge of water physics, because to get to the headquarters will have to bypass the sewers, because you have a special task to save the world! But playing "Where's Perry?" is not so easy!

The enemy is not slumbering! The sewer is packed with laser devices, and here is where your knowledge will be needed, because in order to pass successfully, you need to change the aggregate states of the liquid, and enemies on the way at least a pond of ponds! In any case, the toy is worth downloading it to yourself on android. Read opinions about the application can be on the forum 4pda.


  • Elaborate graphics.
  • Beautiful picture.
  • Eighty levels.
  • Dynamic plot.
Developer Disney
Genre Puzzles
Size 45M
Update Date March 4, 2013.
Number of Installations 500 000 - 1 000 000
Version 1.4.0
Number of Votes (Play Market) 31 216
Rating (Play Market) 4,6
Author: Isaac Abramov

“wonderful puzzle”

Cons: Advertising, in-game purchases

Pros: While seemingly simple, quite complex tasks that require you to incorporate logic

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