Fallout Shelter
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Fallout Shelter - Fallout's underground universe

Fallout Shelter on Android - the universe of "Fallout" with the theme of shelters in a new mobile game. After the use of nuclear arsenals by the largest countries, the danger of a real nuclear war became so urgent that the largest industrialists of the state began to create a network of shelters, which should become a kind of social experiment, fulfilling the purpose of the arks of the future.

You are invited to become the administrator of your own shelter. Show care for the normal functioning of the premises entrusted to you, monitor the balance of three important resources: water, food and energy, pick up new people, guided by their skills, the rest will have to survive on the vast deserts of the post-nuclear world in Fallout Shelter ...

Features of the game Fallout Shelter on Android:

  • Multiple compartments at each bunker with individual functions.
  • Long expeditions with access to the surface.
  • Indirect control of heroes, which involves reading reports.
  • Extraction of additional resources.
  • Lots of original characters.
  • Creation of children to maintain the balance of human resources.
  • A variety of locations.

You can download the game on Android here:

If you want to play Fallout Shelter on the computer, you can use an emulator, how to do it and which one is better to use, see in the article, on the blog.

For those who have difficulties with the birth of children in the game, a tip: populate together a man and a woman with about the same charisma, the higher will be its level, the faster the result will be.

After the baby is born, leave the man in the room, and the woman, move to him another, doing this time after time, after childbirth. From one man, there can be many children.

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Developer Bethesda Softworks LLC
Genre Simulators
Size 141M
Update Date August 12, 2015.
Age Restrictions 12+
Price It's free
Number of Installations 10-50
Version 1.1
Author: Isaac Abramov

“become the administrator of the asylum”

Cons: Donut, but far from unobtrusive.

Pros: Excellent highly detailed 3D graphics, great atmospheric music, beautiful animations, interesting addictive gameplay, free distribution.

Review: Fans of the series will be pleased that the game managed to keep the spirit of the original, bringing in the action in a recognizable style, branded humor and a lot of references to the source material.

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