Total Commander
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Total Commander

Every PC user has encountered this wonderful and time-tested file manager. Its history goes back to the times when PCs did not have mice and everything had to be done by pressing keys. This version of Total Commander was created by an enthusiastic programmer who understands nothing about Russian. You can find it by going to Unlike the usual builds, this one has a number of practical innovations that are hard to underestimate.

The application is able to copy and move not only individual files and folders, but entire subsections. This is a rather complicated procedure that most modern managers are not adapted to. In order to make this process simple and fast, the Drag & Drop function was added. It consists in long pressing on a certain file and dragging it to the necessary folder. As in the regular version of this manager, such functions as creating and renaming directories have been preserved. Deleting without getting into temporary storage allows you to quickly clear any part of memory without clogging the device's RAM or cache.

Total Commander handles compression and decompression of all types of archive with ease. In addition, if necessary, you can change the file extension, thereby hiding important information from prying eyes. Thanks to the addition of several plug-ins, the program has the functions of a great text editor, which can read not only standard extensions of digital documents, but also modern ones. Find any document can be found by name or phrase of the text, which is quite convenient when reading e-books of different formats and their search.

There are still a number of abilities of this interesting program, which are available only to owners of PC versions - working with groups of files. Previously, most file managers could not afford this due to the complexity of sensor control. If there were such functions, they had to be performed in several steps. In Total Commander for android, however, everything is done in the form of icons, which allow you to quickly select several files to move by simply clicking on the icon. For mass movement, there is also the option of cascading movement.

Unlike its predecessors, the new version is designed to work not only in mobile devices. It freely allows you to move within the created local network. This allows you to access other devices, as well as play any multimedia files or view images.

The program has a friendly and customizable interface, which contains a classic panel consisting of two fields located side by side. The presence of a customizable quick access panel allows you to quickly reconfigure Total Commander to your own needs, and the directory history records every action performed. For those who are frightened by the English-language interface, there is good news - the localization has a couple of dozen language bases, including Russian and Ukrainian.

Developer C. Ghisler
Genre Tools
Size 979k
Update Date February 14, 2013.
Number of Installations 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
Version 2.01
Rating (Play Market) 4,9
Author: Isaac Abramov

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