Download platformer games on Android - list of the best applications

Platformer - movement on platforms with the help of a vehicle. Also it all involves jumping from one area to another, climbing ladders. Moreover, you need to collect a certain number of items, which can then be used to improve your life. All this can help in completing a particular level or lead to victory over the enemy.

Most all Platformers have drawn animated graphics, characters in particular are fictional creatures. This is one of the oldest genres, which appeared in the early eighties of the last century. And in the nineties, the developers decided to turn the game's graphics into three-dimensional and offer to play on Android phones.

Two-dimensional graphics

In the twentieth century, devices did not have the power that they have in reality, from which the games did not display three-dimensional graphics. The image had limited parameters, but static worlds easily fit on one single screen. The player was allowed to move around the stairwell, or jump from one platform to another, collecting the necessary paveraps.

After the advent of long multi-screen worlds, passing levels became much easier. This started with the more popular home computer games.

In 1985, the popular Nintendo company develops a legendary platformer called Super Mario Bros, playable on the Nintendo Entertainment System console. The key persona becomes Mario, who was afterward used as a symbol of the company.

The game is filled with difficult levels. In addition, it is made an example for the creation of other games. Today, the game never ceases to amaze its fans.

The era of games with three-dimensional graphics

Platformer for Android, made with three-dimensional graphics can be called the gameplay of modern times. It is created with the triple dimension in mind, where you can also consider three-dimensional real-time polygons. Such games allow you to explore something, reach new levels, there is also an opportunity to advance your own character or make him invulnerable.

Isometric games

There is another game format that utilizes three-dimensional scenes with two-dimensional graphics. The player's goal is to explore the inside of rooms where new puzzle items may appear.

Platformers are always recognizable, so they cannot be compared to anything else.