Download games on android simulators for free - in this section only the most popular games

Simulators on Android are a popular genre of the game world, because they imitate realistic actions, differ in the unusualness of the plot and colorful graphics. Many of us want to manage some personalities, and such a chance they are sure to fall in virtual reality. Thanks to simulators you can become president or high ranking minister, TOP manager or a successful merchant. It is enough to download simulators on Android to manage airplanes and helicopters, tanks and trains for free.

All simulators for phones have these characteristics:

  • Realism of each plot to the smallest detail.
  • A lot of real objects to manage.
  • Complementing this genre of games with elements from role-playing games, strategies, shooters.
  • Beautiful and lively graphics, exciting gameplay.
  • Ability to enjoy live music and sounds of nature.
  • Getting a thrill.

Downloading the favorite simulator tablet or phone, each user gets a unique chance to visit fantastic lands or deserted islands, build a magnificent castle or populate the planet with the most unusual inhabitants. In this collection of the best simulators give their players a lot of thrills, immerse in the world of virtual reality and distract from everyday life.

Varieties of simulators on Android

In this game genre, each player can try himself in such varieties of simulators as:

  • Economic - games that allow you to earn money and make a profit, become a great business manager and build large cities, hotels, restaurants and airports.
  • Aviation simulators - games in which participants turn into pilots of aircraft, fight with enemies and hit the most unusual targets, enjoying all the delights of piloting without a driver's license.
  • Space - developments in which users go into space and different galaxies, sailing the expanses of the universe on unique ships and fight with aliens, other enemies to achieve their goals.

To have fun, relax from work and just taste all the benefits of this game genre, we recommend downloading free simulators on Android using this section of our site.