Promoting Android apps on Google Play

The team of app promotion specialists offers mobile app promotion services on Google Play, helping developers and businesses deliver value to the maximum number of users.

What actions will get your app noticed among countless other mobile apps? How can you increase your download percentage? Is it hard to promote apps on Google Play?

The company is dedicated to solving such problems. We help to distribute games and applications, increase the number of installations. After all, the commercial success of an application depends on their number.

The promotion strategy develops according to the following scheme:

  1. Customers will want to install the application they see in the Arr Store and Google Play stores. 
  2. More than 50 percent of customers pay attention to those programs that occupy the first few lines in the search engine. Our company will take your products to the top where literally millions of eyes will see them. 
  3. As google play app promotion progresses, downloads of your games will continue, bringing you revenue. 
  4. When promoting your app, we install motivated ratings and reviews first, and then as we build up the number of unmotivated reviews, we place organic ones. 
  5. As organic traffic grows, we reduce and disable motivated installs. 
  6. By getting more organic orders, your apps master better positions.

Our professional experts provide services

  • Finding and inviting active users. Users attracted by advertising in social networks, on thematic sites will provide your application with unmotivated traffic. 
  • Utilization of motivated installations. Paid installs - motivated downloads, allow you to reach the top ranks in a short period of time, and then hold in the top.
  • Promoting apps in google play to the top. Staying in the top of an app attracts a lot of organic downloads to it in a short time.
  • Promotion of the game in google play on keywords. According to statistics, two-thirds of all downloads come from search results. This is targeted traffic that attracts a targeted audience. Our efforts help to improve your app's position in the search engine.
  • Editing ratings and reviews. Effective promotion in google play reviews and ratings make even more effective. Our company encourages writing detailed positive reviews with high ratings.
  • Optimizing the interface of your mobile app. Adjustment of titles, keywords, screenshots, description is aimed at attracting more organic users.

Our company, providing promotion of your mobile applications, guarantees excellent quality of installations performed by experienced and reliable specialists.

We offer promotion of applications in Google Play and Arr Store in our country and abroad on such options:

  1. TOP by key
  2. TOP by category
  3. TOP Overall

You can order company services online on our website right now.

When paying, be sure to take advantage of promotional offers and discount system. All information is up to date, use our contacts to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.