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Boat Browser Mini browser - fast surfing

Boat Browser Mini for Android is a gorgeous browser with its own download manager. Unfortunately, a number of browser developers are frankly lazy. Not only do most browsers lack necessary features, but there is a process where most of the features are simply removed so that users download some questionable add-ons.

Of course, there is some sense in this, but you should also understand the fact that it is best in such a case to pay attention to other developments that have all the necessary set of functions. One such is Boat Browser Mini, which for several years now has been the favorite browser of thousands of people who appreciate functionality, speed and security. However, this is only a general description, Boat Browser Mini has a huge number of features that every smartphone owner should know about.

It is worth noting that this development has its own file manager. However, it can not be compared even with the most popular managers, well, and, of course, the standard tools and remember not to mention. With the help of this resource it is possible to easily and quickly manage downloads, and it is most convenient when there are a huge number of downloads, to control them as conveniently as possible.

Features Boat Browser Mini on Android:

  • Supports HTML5.
  • The volume rocker toggles bookmarks and is used to zoom pages, pr.
  • Multitouch function.
  • App to SD.
  • Creates a shortcut on the desktop for internet pages.
  • Night Mode" function.
  • Bookmark manager, support importing and exporting folders from the standard browser.
  • Full screen mode function.
  • Speed dial.
  • Supports page posting to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Theme support feature.
  • Multi-tab.
  • Search bar and smart address bar feature.
  • Download manager feature.
  • Cache to SD.
Developer Boat Browser Addon
Genre Communication
Size 34k
Update Date July 17, 2012.
Number of Installations 10 000 - 50 000
Version 1.0
Rating (Play Market) 4,5
Author: Isaac Abramov


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