Download Fighting on Android - exciting free fights

Fighting (another name for fighting) - a genre for playing on mobile devices with Android, where players will have to come together in hand-to-hand combat. Some battles take place with the use of cold or firearms. The battle takes place in arenas, that is, the area presented has limited parameters. Often the battle is conducted for a certain time.

In the upper part of the screen you can observe the scale of life, consider other important indicators of the fighter. Fights will appeal to the male half of humanity, so the genre will be especially interesting to teenage boys. Previously, you could play them on slot machines, but now you can install the game on any Android device.


The main feature of fighting games is considered to be the orientation of each individual variant on the competitive type of gameplay. Such games became the basis for the creation of cybersports. Often fights allow you to fight one-on-one with the opponent, usually it is a computer character or another player. In some cases there are exceptions, where 4 players can fight.

Varieties of genre

The genre is divided into several types:

  • 2D - this is the main type of genre. When it appeared, all games were created in 2D graphics, but this does not mean that the game will be boring. The gaming industry is not abandoning the old version. Most users release games exactly in 2D graphics, as the popularity of such entertainment does not subside.
  • 3D is the modern varieties. Basically, such games are almost ninety percent offered exactly in three-dimensional graphics.
  • Arcade - the first fighting games in the world, although there are also novelties. When developing, manufacturers focus more on their experience. Used fragments of this genre retain the style and gameplay of previous versions.
  • Simulator - the opposite version of the arcade. The basis in this game is a simulation of martial arts, often used boxing or mixed martial arts.

The direction appeared a little later than the usual fighting game, because the development of a normal three-dimensional simulator will require a voracious version of the site. The presented version is not inferior in popularity and relevance to games with three-dimensional graphics. The correctness of blows, life scale, mighty strength, the presence of powerful weapons is considered important. Everything corresponds to realism, attracts consistency. But the fighter during the battle can get tired, and because of a few accurate blows, you can earn additional items.