For girls

For girls games on Android phone and tablet download free - a lot of unique applications

Free games for girls on Android - it's no secret that girls love dolls, but in addition to this, they have a lot of other interests. In this section, every young princess can find for themselves, everything they need.

Simulators sewing clothes, will be interesting to novice seamstresses, and just those who are fond of it. Various designer applications, in which you will have the opportunity to create your own unique style and participate in global fashion exhibitions.

Games about makeup, Make-Up, this is a great gift for every girl. Pick up lipstick and mascara, look to combine everything, make a beautiful manicure, suitable for the style, do not be afraid to experiment, because where else can you safely do it, as not in the game?

Of games for Android for girls, there are also many cooking programs and developments in which you can make your own dishes, as well as use the built-in recipes, become a real queen of the kitchen, cooking a unique dinner for guests.

There are also a lot of games on the care of newborns, because in every girl, already from childhood, is formed by the maternal instinct. And for those who would like to have an animal, there are many interesting applications for Android with virtual pets, which are also called Tamagotchi.

This is a real paradise for little princesses, which is replenished daily with more and more new developments. Download free games for girls on Android, and get into the girly world.