Grand Theft Auto Vice City
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City - immerse yourself in a vast metropolis

Do you want to conquer this huge metropolis, mired in the abyss of vice? Do you want to make a big name for yourself and reach the top of the underworld? Then welcome to Weiss City! There is a new GTA 3 on android, try it!
Here it is, right in front of you, this huge city with sunny beaches and stinking swamps, skyscrapers, and gloomy ghettos, take it, and tell the world your story, because GTA: Vice City now without much difficulty you can download to android-device!


  • Controls adapted for mobile platforms
  • Supports some USB gamepads and wireless controller MoGa
  • Graphical options customizable for different platforms
  • Built-in Immersion feedback system
  • Language support
  • Other.

On the site 4pda created a club of fans of gta vaice city on android, where users share the nuances of the game, so if there is a desire to learn them, as well as cheats, mods, hacks, etc., view the appropriate page of the forum.

Developer Rockstar Games, Inc.
Genre Arcade and Action
Size 1,4G
Update Date March 4, 2013.
Number of Installations 100 000 - 500 000
Version 1.03
Number of Votes (Play Market) 9 301
Rating (Play Market) 3,8
Author: Isaac Abramov

“a classic from the GTA series”

Cons: Insufficient sight distance

Pros: Gorgeous graphics, beautifully detailed character models and cars, user-friendly, customizable controls, dynamically developing multi-hour plot

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