The Dark Knight Rises
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The Dark Knight Rises

TheDark Knight is a sequel to the fantastic story of Batman. When it comes to games where fantastic heroes take part - these developments should definitely become as popular as possible. And not only because it involves the leading characters of the movies, but also because such developments simply must be phenomenal in terms of graphics and general mechanics of character management. Often developers do not take too seriously the license they get after the respective contests for the right to create a game, but often their goal is just to increase their popularity in the gaming industry a little bit. The developers of The Dark Knight are already as popular as possible in this regard, so all they had to do was to create a wonderful game that would be a source of inspiration for the majority of players. Accordingly, this game features both incredible flying through the humid streets of the night city and brutal fights with the hated crooks.

Despite the excellent graphics, from this genre is popular game - shadow fight 2 on android and gta vai city.

Undoubtedly, the game will not run on all devices, because the developers of the Dark Knight is set to conquer the owners of flagship devices. However, this does not cancel the fact that the game is actually phenomenal in almost all plans.

Developer Gameloft
Genre Arcade and Action
Size 1,8G
Update Date February 18, 2013.
Number of Installations 100 000 - 500 000
Version 1.1.3
Number of Votes (Play Market) 16 585
Rating (Play Market) 3,7
Author: Isaac Abramov

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